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Without a doubt, carpenter ant control is the most difficult task a pest control service will be called upon to deliver. Not rats, not mice, but carpenter ants are the most common and frustrating pest you can find yourself unlucky enough to be host to. But before you can jump the gun, and go running for the phone to enlist the servives of a national or local pest control company, use the carpenter ant research section of this site to determine if the ants you've seen in your home really are carpenter ants.

We also provide carpenter and control information about:

Commercial carpenter ant control

  • How much damage can carpenter ants really do to your bottom line?
  • How else can carpenter ants effect your business?
  • what laws must your business adhere to while dealing with pests like carpenter ants?

Residential carpenter ant control

  • Are carpenter ants dangerous?
  • Will my insurance cover pest control damage?
  • How can I tell how much damage carpenter ants have already done?
  • Do I need to hire a carpenter ant control specialist?

Technology of carpenter ant control

  • What can a professional pest control service do for my carpenter ant problem?
  • Are carpenter ant control medthods safe?
  • Plus, read all about the lastest baits, traps, and other organic pest control products, as well as profiles and descriptions of commonly used pesticides. Are they safe for your home and office?
  • Do I need to hire a carpenter ant control specialist?

Research resources on carpenter ants

  • What do ants eat?
  • When do ants sleep?
  • How ants aunction
  • Insect Identification: What do carpenter ants Look Like?
  • And other facts about carpenter ants